Graphic Icons for Icon Church

Jonathan McCurdy
2 min readMay 18, 2021

Over the past two years I have been doing some volunteer freelance graphic design work for a church community in Seattle, WA called Icon.

Most recently I have contributed several icons or patterns for use across their updated website and online presence, soon to be rolled out.

The first three are used to illustrate the main steps a new attendee can follow to get connected within the church community.

Figure 1 — A, hand waving for “say hi”. B, connecting two personas to an established home of 3. C, a new growth sprouts from a leaf to illustrate personal and relational growth.

The second set of graphic assets in this series I produced for Icon are icons used to symbolize two forms of smaller communities in which an attendee can participate.

The first, Community Groups, are medium sized (10–20 people) weekly gatherings that foster broad fellowship and positive presences in their respective neighboorhoods.

The second, Icon Groups, are smaller (3–5 people) gatherings that are more intentional in nature and focus on deep relationship and personal growth in one’s faith journey.



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